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MISO making workshop

MISO making workshop

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Looking for friends to join our Koji Club!

We are starting a workshop for making TEMAE MISO (handmade miso).

Make miso with your own hands, slowly with the fungi in your environment over time.
There is nothing more delicious than handmade miso.

The words "TEMAE MISO" refer to homemade miso.
It also means "to praise oneself, to boast". The origin of this word is that in the past, miso was made in each household, with each family trying their best to make it taste good. They would then boast to each other about the miso they had made, saying, "My miso tastes good, try it". From this, the term "TEMAE MISO" came to be used to mean "to praise or boast about oneself".

We will make TEMAE MISO together in the style that has been made in Japan for centuries.
Made with fresh koji from organic rice, organic soya beans grown in Dutch soil, and sea salt, the miso is then put into jars and left to mature for about a year at each participant's home. You will experience how this simple ingredient produces a amazing deep flavor.

The languages used will be English (please allow me to use Google Translate at times) and Japanese.

■Date: Saturday 22 June, 13.30-16.30.

■Location: about 15 minutes' walk from Utrecht Terwijde station (letting you know the detail after registered).

■Participation fee: €60 (including materials for miso about 500g)

■Experience Details
- What is miso? We will introduce the various types of miso, how to prepare it, and its uses.
- I would like you to know a little bit about koji.
- We will experience miso making together.
- Try to taste Japanese home cooking using miso.

■Number of people: 5 persons

■Please let us know if you have any food you can't eat.
■Application deadline: by Monday 17 June.

Koji friends wanted!

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