About us

We are a Japanese couple living in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

We met abroad and got married there. then we moved back to Japan and lived in Tokyo for over ten years.

After ten years, we moved back to my parents' home in Miyagi before coming to the Netherlands.

We planned to stay in Miyagi for a few months to prepare our move to the Netherlands.

However, due to the increasing amount of corona infections, it was difficult to move abroad, so we spent a little less than 1 year and half there.

It was an unexpected time for us, but we learned a lot about the people of Tohoku whom we would not have met in just a few months, as well as the food culture, lifestyles, customs, nature, agriculture, and scenery of the Tohoku region. We have encountered many people there and got a good impression of their culture.

And so we were able to find out what we wanted to do from now on.

Tohoku is a very interesting region. The culture simple yet very abundant, with many of its people living in harmony with nature.

However, what we witnessed in Tohoku is that their traditional culture, events and customs, and even the original scenery of Japan are in fact fading and slowly disappearing. This is not only the case in Tohoku - in many prefectures of Japan, traditional customs are slowly dissapearing as well.


Before coming to Miyagi, a liquor store owner in Tokyo told us,

"If Japan will not change its current situation, it will disappear." 

Now that we have finally come to understand the meaning of what he said after living in Miyagi, I strongly hope that our Japanese culture that has been handed down from hundreds to thousands of years will continue to be passed down for hundreds, thousands of years and beyond to the next generations to come.

We are still in the process of learning ourselves, but we would like to tell you about the wonderful essence of the Japanese culture.

And we would be very happy if someday Japanese people themselves would pay more attention to its splendor.

Thank you so much for visiting our Web site.