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Amazake paste

Amazake paste

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''Amazake'' is a traditional Japanese fermented drink, it has been produced in Japan for more than 1,000 years. The ingredients are simple: rice, koji mold, water or milk as you like.

To make Amazake for drinking, amazake paste is mixed 1:1 with hot or sparkling water or milk of your choice. It is also delicious with matcha, grated ginger or cocoa added to it. You can also eat it over yoghurt or fruit, or simply have a spoonful every day. To make it easier for Europeans to drink, I add oats milk, it is creamy and sweet. This sweetness does not come from sugar, but from the sweetness of the rice produced during the fermentation process, and no sugar is used. It is not as hard on the body as sugar, but it is a rich source of glucose, which is effective in relieving fatigue. It is also high in vitamin B, making it an ideal drink for vegetarians. In addition, it also contains oligosaccharides and dietary fibre, which can be expected to help regulate the intestinal environment. Amazake paste is sometimes used in place of sugar. The naturally occurring sweetness that has been used in Japan from ancient times to the present is gentle on the body.

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This product is available for those who can be picked up at Utrecht Central or around the Utrecht Leidsche Rijn area.
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