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Atsushi Kimura - Yajirō

Atsushi Kimura - Yajirō

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Atsushi Kimura 

Type: Yajirō

Master: Hideo Satō

 This colourful kokeshi has a comforting atmosphere. His drawing is delicate and beautiful.

 An important figure to Yajirō, Dennai Satō, is Atsushi's great-grandfather. Atsushi is aiming to revive the Dennai lineage, which has ceased to exist.

 The style of this kokeshi has passed on from Dennai's son, Denki Satō.

I put Atsushi's Denki kokeshi in my hand, and saw the photo of the kokeshi that Denki has made. I could truly feel how wonderful it is that he is reviving this tradition. I wish for Atsushi's success!

 Yajirō's craftsmen tend to combine basic Yajirō elements and freely create various types of kokeshi dolls according to the conditions of the materials he has at the time, rather than making fixed molds. Therefore, he produces interesting kokeshi dolls. Denki Satō is also a craftsman, who enjoys working the same way kokeshi craftsmen did long ago.

Dimension : H13cm

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