Collection: Pack rice from Japan

〖Rice and Japan〗
Rice is one of the world's three major cereals, along with wheat and corn. 
Rice cultivation is very popular in East Asia, and Japan is no exception. 
Japanese rice is known for its sweet, soft, springy, sparkling, and very tasty qualities. 
Japanese people have been growing and consuming rice for over two thousand years. 
Japanese rice is produced in paddy fields, which are rich in biodiversity and an important resource. They also help in water storage and preventing flood disasters in Japan, a country with high rainfall. The cultivation of rice follows a cycle, with rice being grown from spring to summer, harvested in autumn, and the fields left to rest. This sustainable method allows rice to be grown in the same place year after year. 

〖What is Akitakomachi〗
Akita Komachi is one of Japan's leading rice brands, known for its cleanliness and great taste. 

〖How did the cultivation of this rice start?〗
This product is produced in Oogata Village, Akita Prefecture, which was once a large swamp. In the 1950s, the swamp was reclaimed and converted into rice paddies under the guidance and support of Professor Janssen of Delft University of Technology with the help of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This project attracted attention as Japan was food insecure after World War II.  And the project was a big success.
By now delicious Akita Komachi continues to be produced here to this day.

〖The current state of rice consumption in Japan and exploring new possibilities〗
However, there is a problem too. Due to Japanese rapid economic growth,, imports of wheat, meat, and other foodstuffs have increased over the past 40 years, and the consumption of rice in Japan has tended to decline significantly. Rice farmers are facing a very difficult situation. In recent years, technological innovations have led to the production of cooked & packed rice, which has a high shelf life and is easy to eat.

〖The Breakthrough of the Akitakomachi Producers Association〗
The AKITAKOMACHI Producers Association, while continuing to work hard to grow rice, has recently started a business that produces cooked and packed rice from its own rice. They just started but it has significantly expanded their exports to China, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S. And now this has finally arrived to the Netherlands!

〖Finally arrived in the Netherlands!〗
This rice is made by the great wisdom of Professor Janssen and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the strong friendship between Japan and the Netherlands! I hope that many people in the Europe, and everyone in Netherlands will taste and enjoy this rice taste which is made by the great anteater’s great work!