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Sakurai-kokeshi ten 桜井こけし店

Sakurai-kokeshi ten 桜井こけし店

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●Sakurai Kokeshi's dolls will only be face to face selling.

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In Naruko City, Miyagi Prefecture, in the Tohoku area, two generations of a father and son have been creating kokeshi dolls, continuing the traditions of their predecessors while also taking on new challenges. Naruko City is a hot spring resort surrounded by mountains and rich in nature. Kokeshi dolls are made from this nature and are breathtakingly beautiful, with delicate patterns on smooth, carefully polished wood.

”Challenge is the Sakurai Tradition

The Sakurais have been a family of kijiya woodworkers for generations since the end of the Edo period in Naruko Onsen, Osaki, Miyagi.
With the father-son combo of Akihiro Sakurai of the fifth generation and Naomichi Sakurai of the sixth,
we continue to create while carrying on the thoughts of our predecessors.

Each generation of the Sakurai family has always endeavored to create something new.
In order to create kokeshi dolls that will lead to the next generation,
we have continued to develop kokeshi dolls passed down from generation to generation by seeking out the way they should be made in each era.

The Sakurai kokeshi is made with the "spirit of challenge," which has been passed down from generation to generation.
For the Sakurais, tradition is not about preserving the past, but about creating the future.

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