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Akitakomachi Pack rice - 180g x 12 packs (€3,2/pack)

Akitakomachi Pack rice - 180g x 12 packs (€3,2/pack)

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Do you know about Pack Rice?

Our Pack Rice is made by cooking carefully selected "Akita Komachi" Japanese rice with pure Japanese water and then packaging it in a sterile state. Akita Komachi is one of Japan's leading rice brands, known for its cleanliness and great taste.

By maintaining thorough sterility during production, it becomes a reliable and safe food that can be stored at room temperature for a long time. With Pack Rice that preserves the deliciousness of Japanese rice, you can easily enjoy authentic rice anytime.

The cooking method is simple - just heat in a 600-watt microwave for 2 minutes or 1 minute and 20 seconds in a 900-watt microwave, or warm it for 14 minutes in boiling water.  You can enjoy rice that tastes like it was carefully cooked by a skilled craftsman anytime you like. Experience the Shiny Rice with a sweet flavor and firm texture of rice grains at your home, campsite, or office!

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