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Mayumi Niiyama - Yajirō

Mayumi Niiyama - Yajirō

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 This kokeshi's hair is done up with japanese traditional hair style,

and she looks like  wearing kimono but bottom is wearing a skirt.

What a modern western- japanese style kokeshi it is!


Mayumi Niiyama is one of the most popular craftswomen representing the Yajirō family now.

Yajirō's craftsmen tend to combine basic Yajirō elements and freely create various types of kokeshi dolls according to the conditions of the materials he has at the time, rather than making fixed molds. This leads to some interesting new kokeshi dolls.

Out of all the kokeshi types, the Yajirō style is one of the most pop design, so it is easy to choose for first-time buyers. 

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