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Miyakanbai junmai ginjo / 720ml

Miyakanbai junmai ginjo / 720ml

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This aroma with rich fragrance is like a hint of spring flowers.
Once you sip, the gentle sweetness, delicate rice flavor and faint bitterness are beautifully layered.
It’s like a Japanese Tohoku's spring breeze in your mouth.
This beautiful balanced sake is very peaceful and makes you smile.

Sake rice Miyama Nishiki which is polished upto 55% produced in Miyagi Prefecture is used.
They are carefully crafted into an elegant Junmai Ginjo.

Store in a refrigerator, and keep away from direct sunlight.
We recommend storing it in a refrigerator.
The recommended drinking temperature is around 10°C. ( Room temperature is also good though)
It is also fun that the second or third day after opening the bottle, it becomes more mellow and rounded.

Brewery        ;   Kanbai Brewery
Location        ;  Osaki, Miyagi
Cont              ;  720ml
Alc.                ;  15%
Ingredients    ;   Rice, Malted rice, Water
Rice              ;  Miyama Nishiki
SMV           ; +3.0
Acid         :    1.5
Amino Acid :   0.8
Taste Profile ;   
Storage        ;  In a cool and dark place 
 (Refregerater is most prefered)

(about Miyakanbai)
They were severely damaged by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, same as other breweries in Miyagi Prefecture.
It was a extremely difficult time for the young couple who took over the business from their father at the time,
but they worked hard and have now grown into one of the most beloved sake breweries among sake fans.
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