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La Jomon Kumagai / 720ml

La Jomon Kumagai / 720ml

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2022 Limited sake, by Taro Kumagai / La Jomon.


"LaJomon Kumagai" is made by blending with 2 Yamagata breweries sake.

Both sakes are made from rice “Kame-no-o”, which is the legendary sake rice born in Yamagata.

"Kame-no-o" rice has discovered in 1893 by Kameji Abe in Shonai Town, Yamagata. “La Jomon Kumagai” is used "Kame-no-O" rice which direct descendants of Kameji Abe made. You can enjoy “Kame-no-o” taste.

This sake is blended with “Yamahai Junmai Ginjo”. You will be surprised very rich lactic acid and sweetness.

Please enjoy Taro's blending techinique and the new possibilities of Japanese sake.


(Special spec)

・Kame-no-O rice x Yamagata x Kimoto x No.6 yeast x 2 breweries sake blended

・Sweetness and Mellowness like a lactic acid drink.

・Completely limited edition.


Produced by ;  La Jomon

Brewery        ;   Shuhou Sake Brewery 

Prefecture     ;  Yamagata

Cont              ;  720ml

Alc.                ;  14%

Ingredients   ;   Rice, Malted rice, Water

Taste Profile ;   Well ballance of umami and vivid refreshing acidity

Rice info       ;  Kame-no-O

Storage        ;  In a cool and dark place 

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