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Tenjo Mugen Junmai Ginjo Nama-chozo-shu / 300ml

Tenjo Mugen Junmai Ginjo Nama-chozo-shu / 300ml

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It has a gentle ginjo aroma, clear mouthfeel.

Then you find an elegant sweetness and umami's perfect surprising balance.

This is a truly beautiful sake.


It undergoes a bit longer-than-usual low-temperature maturing process in the final stage of production.

This makes this sake to mature slightly, giving it a deeper flavor.

This sake has been pasteurized once, so its quality is stable.

The 300ml bottle size minimizes the risk of flavor changes if you open and leave it out for a long period of time.

You would always enjoy a new and fresh stable taste.

This is made from 100% local Miyagi prefecture rice and water.

Clear and deep flavor from traditional cold brewing and long-term low-temperature fermentation.

Nakayu Sake Brewery won first place in Japan at the 2018 Sake Competition, the largest sake competition in Japan.

The brewery has also won the gold medal in the most traditional sake competition, the National New Sake Competition, 12 times in a row.

Why not enjoy this best sake at home tonight?

Recommended for both sake enthusiasts and sake beginners.

Brewery        ;   Nakayu Sake Brewery

Location     ;   Kami, Miyagi

Cont              ;  300ml

Alc.                ;  14%

Ingredients   ;   Rice, Malted rice, Water

Rice polish   :  50%

Rice             :  Kura no hana / Toyonishiki, Manamusume

SMV         : +1.0

Acid          :    1.6

Amino acid :   1.0

Storage        ;  In a cool and dark place

Recommend drink temperature :  chilled (around 10-15℃)

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