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Miyakanbai Hi no Shizuku - Yuzu sake- / 720ml

Miyakanbai Hi no Shizuku - Yuzu sake- / 720ml

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Fresh and sweet Yuzu Sake has arrived in Europe from Miyaganbai!

This yuzu used in this product comes from Kochi Prefecture, the No. 1 producer of yuzu in Japan.

And they 100% are made in Umaji Village. It is the sacred land of yuzu.

Their yuzu is 100% pesticide-free.

Do you know where the aroma of yuzu comes from most? Yes. It comes from their peel.

Although pesticide-free cultivation is a very difficult cultivation method,

they put their love and passion into growing these wonderful yuzu.

This wonderful sake combines Miyakanbai's sake, loved by many sake fans throughout Japan,

with yuzu from the legendary Umaji Village.

The recommended way to drink it is straight, well chilled in a refrigerator.

It can also be served on the rocks, or with soda.

Shake well before pouring and drinking as the fresh yuzu extract accumulates at the top.

We recommend storing in the refrigerator, away from direct sunlight.

Brewery        ;   Kanbai Brewery

Location     ;  Osaki, Miyagi

Cont              ;  720ml

Alc.                ;  10%         

Ingredients   ;   Rice, Malted rice, Water

                         Yuzu, Fructose-Glucose Syrup

Storage        ;  In a cool and dark place

 (Refregerater is most prefered)

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