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Kenkonichi Tokubetsu Junmai Karakuchi / 720ml

Kenkonichi Tokubetsu Junmai Karakuchi / 720ml

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Ken-Kon-Ich is a word that expresses the beginning and the end, heaven and earth.
This name is derived from the fact that a local celebrity visited them in the past, and drank their sake, was surprised by its taste, and named it to be the best sake in heaven and earth.
The most remarkable character of this sake is that it is a rice “Sasanishiki”.
Sasanishiki is a table rice representative of eastern Japan, born in Miyagi prefecture.
It is a smooth texture and has a very gentle and delicate taste.
These days the mainstream to make sake with sake rice, and of course they Onuma
Shuzoten, use sake rice too, but they make and brew this artistically wonderful sake with this table rice.
With their long brewing history of more than 300 years, they could make with this a profound artistic taste.
The more you sip, the more you know this and cannot stop drinking.
This sake performs great pairings with every dishes.
Your drinking sake temperature is also cold, room temperature, hot, and it shows a wonderful taste in any temperature range.
After opening, the taste gradually becomes round after 2-3 days. This is even more delicious.
It is a rare sake that is usually sold out in Miyagi mostly, but we have succeeded in bringing it specially to Europe.

Brewery        :  Onuma Shuzoten
Location       :  Murata, Miyagi
Cont             :  720ml
Alc.               :  15%
Ingredients   :  Rice, Malted rice, Water
Rice              :  Sasa-Nishiki
SMV         :+3.0
Acid         : 1.7
Amino Acid: 1.2
Taste Profile :  classic medium & dry
Storage        :  In a cool and dark place

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